The Alarm Center works 24/7, in order to coordinate the emergency response to any medical problem. The services of the Alarm Center  include,  bilingual doctors in English, Emergency Medical Response (MERP) planning, MADE BASED ON THE CUSTOMER’S REALITY and logistical support during medical evacuation (MedEvac) and rescue.

Ambulance Rescue


Ambulance rescue (mobile or simple ICU), available 24/7 in the entire State of Rio de Janeiro and in any other location in Brazil, through the preparation of MERP, with direct transport to reference hospitals .The Rescue Team counts on the support and expertise of our Medical Consultant  (MC), who makes the connection between the place of occurrence of the claim and managers or responsible persons appointed by the clients, updating them according to the evolution of the assistance.
Aeromedical rescue can be made available through our cooperation, according to the needs of each client.



We provide personalized training in our client’s corporate environment, offering courses according to their structure that providing the security that meets their needs: Fire Fighting Team, First Aid team and individual First Aid Responders, providing your company with more safety and efficiency of the emergency response teams.


Medical coverage of your event with a mobile or basic ICU ambulance in the State of Rio de Janeiro.

l  We have partners with a team specialized in covering sporting and corporate events.

l  Elaboration of a medical emergency plan (MERP) if necessary, made especially to meet the client’s needs.


Boarding of doctors or nurses, for offshore work, on ships or platforms, with a highly trained and experienced team in the industrial segment in Maritime Services, Logistics, Engineering and Environment, with availability of professionals adjustable according to the type of installation and boarding time or stay according to the client’s needs.



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